Orlando’s passion in design and architecture was initiated when he enrolled in the Diploma of Architectural Building Design and Drafting in 2002. Soon after he entered the workforce as an architectural draftsperson, he discovered that his true passion was architecture. He promptly decided, with his newly acquired enthusiasm in design and architecture, to further his architectural studies and complete a Master of Architecture Degree at Curtin University.

After graduating from Curtin University, he continued to work and learn in professional environments. Once registered, Orlando became the responsible architect for Machin Designs enabling them to operate as a licensed architectural practice in WA, utilizing his registration. It was at Machin Designs that he further developed his skills and benefited from exposure to the Corporate + Commercial, Industrial, Educational, Health + Wellness and Hospitality sectors.

Orlando’s sound knowledge in architecture, building and construction and his quick-thinking and agile problem-solving ability has proven invaluable when resolving challenging and complex projects.

Orlando is committed to his company vision. He always ensures each client receives a professional, yet personalized and intimate architectural service. His drive to see each project through to successful completion regardless of any difficulties that may be encountered during design and construction is significant to the success of each project that X-space Architects undertakes.