Turnkey Architecturally Designed Homes


Want to build an architectural home, but fear the process?

Design fees, the design process, preliminary project costings, authority fees, approvals, specialist consultant fees, selections, more drawings, more selections, more approvals, shortlisting the builders, tendering, tender evaluation process, tender negotiations, more authority fees, signing of contracts,variations etc.?

Let us help!

We are experts in residential design and project procurement. We don't dispute the fact that that there will always be clients and projects that warrant the traditional process of tendering. Tendering can help ensure that the prices received are competitive when being able to compare them to others. However, that is provided conforming tenders are received and that there isn’t a wide spray of prices between each submission. In our experience, tendering an architecturally designed home can be a timely exercise and, to be frank, can quite often be a complete waste of time.

More recently we have found that many clients chose to trust our judgment and prefer a much more simplified and streamlined approach to building their home.

When this is the case we partner with reputable, honest builders that we know, that we trust and that we feel are the right fit for your home. When we eliminate the tender process and when clients chose to elect the Turnkey Solution, we are able to include the builder into the project from the very beginning to ensure the design aligns with the client’s budget and the project is achievable. We have found that the builder’s input throughout the duration of the design and documentation phase of the project is invaluable and the savings gained from having the builder involved from the start is advantageous and worthwhile. The alternative is receiving a series of non-conforming over inflated tender submissions that are often over-budget and unrealistic.

Over the many years we have formed strong relationships with some of Perth’s best residential builders. Furthermore, we have gone on to become the exclusive architectural practice that many of these builders chose to use. Through the established working relationships we already have with these builders, things can get underway quickly and with minimal fuss. Consequently, electing for a turnkey architecturally designed home has never been easier.

Our preferred Turnkey builders have proven their professionalism and capabilities in building architectural homes and do not shy away from the unconventional construction methodologies that we often incorporate into our bespoke homes. They are familiar with our high-expectations for construction excellence and understand that building the carefully thought-out details are important in realising the final product.

Think the turnkey solution may be the answer?
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